Escape Room: Cube VR

You are trapped by an artificial intelligence called Sophie. She's bitchy. You'll have to prove that you're human by solving riddles together as a team. Communication is key.

  • [player] 3-4 players per round together
  • [flag] Pure play time in VR goggles is 25 minutes
  • [heart] 4D effects with wind
  • [fist] violence free game with tricky riddles
  • A group of 3-4 persons costs 199.60 CHF
  • A single round for 3-4 players
Duration25 Minutes
Bring along
  • Shoes: Sneakers/Running Shoes mandatory
  • Confirmation: You'll get an email confirmation with an electronic ticket. Per booking one person needs to be able to show the ticket on request, digitally or as a printout.

Further information

Captured by an artificial intelligence, you'll have to prove your ability to work together and solve puzzles. Forget the reality you are familiar with, because in this Escape Room other laws of nature prevail. A brainfuck of the highest level is waiting for you! Are you ready to crack the system? You’ll have to defeat the artificial intelligence with your human brains and free yourself from the Escape Room in the given time. Not everyone is suited for this mission.

A journalist called it the ultimate brain-fuck.What can you expect? Watch our video Teaser of Escape Room Cube VR.

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