Adventure: The Water of Eternal Life

The Fusion Gate Command, a top secret special forces unit of the Swiss Armed Forces has recently found scrolls on planet alpha that reference the water of eternal life. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find the water and bring it back to Switzerland.You'll have to work together as a team and overcome obstacles. 

  • [player] 2-10 players per round together
  • [flag] Pure play time in VR goggles is 25 minutes
  • [heart] 4D effects with wind, heat and water
  • [fist] Violence free game with physical objects in the virtual world
  • A group of 2-5 persons costs 199.60 CHF
  • A group of 6-10 persons costs 399.20 CHF
  • A single round for 2-5 or 6-10 players
Duration30 Minutes
Bring along
  • Shoes: Sneakers/Running Shoes mandatory
  • Confirmation: You'll get an email confirmation with an electronic ticket. Per booking one person needs to be able to show the ticket on request, digitally or as a printout.

Further information

Up to 10 people can play in the same game. At the beginning of the mission you're separated from each other (the split occurs with 6 or more players). You'll play about half of the game separated before you find each other on the planet again. A maximum of 6 players can work together. Examples: You're 4 or 5 players: you'll not be separated from each other. You're 7 or 8 players: 2-3 of you would play with another group if the slot is booked. You can also choose to book 10 tickets if you'd like to play alone.

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